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   天津杰士电池有限公司隶属于全球知名铅酸蓄电池公司-GS YUASA集团,已深耕中国超过25年,确立了国内行业地位。
  秉承百余年电池制造理念,持续研发和投放更新技术,成为诸多全球知名汽车的优秀配套商,全国AM POP服务点多达两万多家。

Tianjin GS Battery Co., Ltd. belongs to GS YUASA Group, a well-known lead-acid battery company in the world. It has cultivated deeply in China for more than 25 years and established its position in the domestic industry. Adhering to the concept of more than 100 years of battery manufacturing, continuous research and development and release of updated technology, has become a number of world-renowned automotive excellent ancillary business, the national AM POP service point up to more than 20,000. The new Nangang plant is scheduled to go into operation in September 2018, and after completion, the battery capacity (including EFB batteries) will reach 9 million KVAH (about 10 million). Innovation and growth, constantly challenging sophisticated technologies to meet the needs of OEM manufacturers and end users. GS Battery, Tongli Battery, Tong Yee Battery, will always stay with you!


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